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Almost just to get the mention in for the record! I’ve listened to a lot of Kendrick Lamar lately. Hip-hop is getting good again. Against that backdrop I recently slated to new Nas record for State.ie. Not because hip-hop has gotten good lately, but it really showed up how tired and old hip-hop had been sounding, Nas’ latest just exemplified it and against the backdrop of the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Reggie Snow, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Schoolboy Q, Capital Steez …all that kinda thing.  

Kendrick Lamar -The Recipe (Feat. Dr. Dre) by i-D online


…and the sample


First heard this today in work listening to a replay of Gilles Peterson’s Saturday 6 Music show. Sampling New York Is Killing Me from Gil Scott Heron’s I’m New Here, she flows over the top with ease and style, a further excitement in the direction hip-hop is going. 

Or listen to the song from the show, comes up 55 minutes in but if you listen to the whole lot you’ll find all sorts of new songs that you’ll love for a long time.   

Angel Haze - New York by Anorak London

Source: BBC

I’ve been a fan of Lethal Dialect for some time. Without disrespect for older acts hip-hop, it’s the first time I’ve really felt comfortable passing on Irish hip-hop to folks abroad. Proof, here, in that he’s working with Ghost, an upcoming talent himself. 

Here’s Lethal’s recent album LD50 Part II

Source: musicbyghost.com

Been up the walls of late so blogging took a hit. Back more regularly now. The usual, mostly new stuff and some older songs to promote my disc jockeying around London. 

For the moment here’s The Men from their recent album Open Your Heart which I cannot recommend enough. Buy it from Sacred Bones Records

The Men - Open Your Heart by sacredbones

Source: sacredbonesrecords.com

Bliss. New one from The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry. The Observer In The Star House is coming out in September. 

Just catching up on this anthem from Todd Terje that popped up online a few months back, a piece of playful electronic magic from the Norwegian producer/remixer. 

It’s from the It’s The Arps E.P that he released in January, you can hear it in full here

TODD TERJE - Inspector Norse by toddterje


As ever, completely obsessed with everything Die Antwoord do. Nothing to say, watch the video, hear the song. 


Battling Carly Rae Jepsen for most ridiculously catchy song this year, from Stockholm, it’s Caroline Hjelt & Aino Jawo, aka Icona Pop. You’ve heard this already but this being the worldwide tumblr blog of record, here it is, for the record. 

"You’re from the 70’s but I’m a 90’s bitch" is bound to set dancefloors alight with eureka moments when drunken twenty somethings realise that yes, that applies to me! Woo. And Calvin Harris thought he had that market sewn up. 

Icona Pop - I Love It by frenchysymphony

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One of my favourite bands in the world, Fang Island have released two songs from their upcoming album, Major, out July 24th. 

With triumphal anthemics like this you’d wonder why anyone would bother with Coldplay. Hear their debut album on bandcamp

Rip-roaring good fun! 

Fang Island - Asunder by Sargent House

Fang Island - Sisterly by brooklynvegan

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Long days work, but trying to get in the mood for going out, then a friend sends me this uplifting anthem by Dubliner Frank B. Soothing and lively, simultaneously AND at the same time. 

Get a free download over at XLR8R

Frank B - Chain of Fools by frankiebingo

Source: bodytonicmusic.com