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Londoneures. Irish in Britain. Followers of fun. Lovers of good music. Fans of the sup. Weekend warriors. Devotees of St. Patrick. Hear me now! 

Werewolf Promotions have compiled a weekend o’ fun for St. Patrick’s Weekend in London. Here’s how it breaks down:


FRIDAY, MARCH 16th (with London Irish Centre)

Camden Barfly 

£8 (tickets) (UPDATE!! Just as I posted this we sold our last ticket. Friday for Whipping Boy is SOLD OUT!) 

Whipping Boy are Irish legends. You will often find their 1995 release Heartworm feature in top Irish albums of all time lists. 

Dead School, hard-as-nails rock n’ roll from Cork. 

Tieranniesaur are the funkiest band ever to come out of Ireland. Their debut was nominated for Choice Music album of the year and deservedly so. 

tieranniesaur by tieranniesaur



The Old Queens Head, Islington

Free in, all dayer (1pm - 6pm)

A medley of wonderful Irish pop music with …

… the aforementioned Tieranniesaur

… their labelmates on Popical Island, Land Lovers

… and the superb Grand Pocket Orchestra whose latest album, Ronald and Sylma is a treat for the ears. 



The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

Free in, 8 til late.

Dead School, Tieranniesaur and Grand Pocket Orchestra back again, along with …

… the unsettling menace that is The Brownies

03 The Brownies by Secret Underneath Tendril

…and the gutter pop punk sounds of Ill Murray

As the lads in the ad say, this is gonna be great! I’ll be DJing at the Saturday show, do pop up and say hello! x

Source: werewolfpromotions.com

Holy shit! I’m going to Cambridge tomorrow and I never knew this was on! Listen to these acts and grab yourself a ticket to see some of London’s finest from a great label in south London …


LIVE TOMORROW: Fighting Kites, Benjamin Shaw Band, Broken Shoulder and heaps of other noisy and beautiful sounds. Honest. It’s also free and the launch for Fighting Kites’ debut LP. AND probably their last gig. Jesus.

Source: facebook.com