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Long days work, but trying to get in the mood for going out, then a friend sends me this uplifting anthem by Dubliner Frank B. Soothing and lively, simultaneously AND at the same time. 

Get a free download over at XLR8R

Frank B - Chain of Fools by frankiebingo

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Today we are greeted with the terrible news that Irish label Richter Collective is set to close at the end of the year. Over the past four years they’ve been a shining light on the Irish music scene, releasing music from some of the best bands Ireland has produced of late. 

Here is the full story from the boys themselves. I would recommend getting your hands on some of the remaining stock. Adebisi Shank’s debut on 10” is one of my prized possessions. All available online here, but if it’s possible check with your local independent record store first. Click the Irish tab above for a list (and as ever, suggestions for the list are welcome).

And here are some of my favourite tracks released on the Richter Collective. 

Rubber Up by Richter Collective

Not Squares - Asylum by Richter Collective

Source: richtercollective.com


Used to be called Lecs Luther, snappy dresser, very good at football, has top notch rap skills. Super excited by this guy, have you noticed? 

Sweet, lazy, buttery flow, over grown up atmospheric flutes n’ beats, disguising his tender age (he’s 17). Eyes peeled folks. 

Guests with Crave and Jesse James, both also worth a listen. Irish & UK hip-hop is looking up. 

Rejjie Snow(lecs luther), Crave & Jesse James - Meddling Loops (prod. dranaL) by drana˩

Source: rejjiesnow

It’s quite a change from the spazzed out shout-along had been known for, but since it’s a banger there’s no issue. 

Download it free here or from AU Magazine


The kinda weekly-ish post of the best few tracks around. 

Hip-hop and disco-house heavy today, as it has been of late. Gearing up for a hot-ass summer in the city, chillin’ by day and dancing by night. For reals like, and all that. 



The rainy rural west of Ireland isn’t known for it’s cosmopolitan disco but a few brave souls have been flying the flag over the years, Disconauts and the lads at 110th St. in particular, and now, one half of the Street, Cyric Briscoe has arrived with his debut production, along with Aisling Kelly. This deep and satisfying slow jam has me hungry to hear more. Free download on the bandcamp. 



I must give props to my friend Byron for turning me on to a lot of this new disco, house kinda stuff. I’ve been raiding his facebook page of late for quality electronics. Maxxi is a Brighton based producer who’s taking the 808 sound to new levels. Can you feel it??!

B1. There’s No Love by Maxxi Soundsystem



A 35-member collective of likeminded folk based around three main players, Fuzzface aka Portishead's Geoff Barrows, 7-Stu-7 (producer and engineer at Invada Records) and Katalyst (partner at Invada). 

Quakers, their debut is out March 27th and features a ridiculously talented cast. Read more over at Stones Throw

Quakers - Smoke feat. Jonwayne by Stones Throw Records



The very idea of Irish hip-hop is often disparaged in Ireland, perhaps down to an expectation of glamourised faraway ghettos, not the bad areas of cities we know. People say they “can’t take the accents seriously”, possibly because what the media portrays from inner cities are toothless junkies, maniac gangland criminals and woeful caricatures, not articulate people with ears for quality sounds. Have a listen to Costello and Lethal Dialect and make your own mind up. 



Oh oh oh, summertime laxidazy hip-hopping from Cities Aviv. Digital Lows is of the releases of recent times. 


There’s a super blog post on the way, with Scottish electronic indie, some lovely noise rock and some west of Ireland disco. 

For the moment, there’s Rollerskate Skinny. If you don’t know this band, you do now. 

Pretty reader, Rollerskate Skinny. Rollerskate Skinny, pretty reader. 

Source: behance.net

Sodden debauchery, licentious belligerence, ráméis, clogaide and seafóid, gin, Guinness and dancing. That was our weekend. Back to real world tomorrow. 

For further information consult my countrymen:



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The Cast Of Cheers in session for Huw Stephens on BBC Radio.

Delighted to catch a hint of the new album after hearing them live a few weeks ago. I’ve been humming this track since, nice to see that my memory serves me well, that it is a cracking song. 

Second album out soon.


Source: thecastofcheers.bandcamp.com

Londoneures. Irish in Britain. Followers of fun. Lovers of good music. Fans of the sup. Weekend warriors. Devotees of St. Patrick. Hear me now! 

Werewolf Promotions have compiled a weekend o’ fun for St. Patrick’s Weekend in London. Here’s how it breaks down:


FRIDAY, MARCH 16th (with London Irish Centre)

Camden Barfly 

£8 (tickets) (UPDATE!! Just as I posted this we sold our last ticket. Friday for Whipping Boy is SOLD OUT!) 

Whipping Boy are Irish legends. You will often find their 1995 release Heartworm feature in top Irish albums of all time lists. 

Dead School, hard-as-nails rock n’ roll from Cork. 

Tieranniesaur are the funkiest band ever to come out of Ireland. Their debut was nominated for Choice Music album of the year and deservedly so. 

tieranniesaur by tieranniesaur



The Old Queens Head, Islington

Free in, all dayer (1pm - 6pm)

A medley of wonderful Irish pop music with …

… the aforementioned Tieranniesaur

… their labelmates on Popical Island, Land Lovers

… and the superb Grand Pocket Orchestra whose latest album, Ronald and Sylma is a treat for the ears. 



The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

Free in, 8 til late.

Dead School, Tieranniesaur and Grand Pocket Orchestra back again, along with …

… the unsettling menace that is The Brownies

03 The Brownies by Secret Underneath Tendril

…and the gutter pop punk sounds of Ill Murray

As the lads in the ad say, this is gonna be great! I’ll be DJing at the Saturday show, do pop up and say hello! x

Source: werewolfpromotions.com