Pure blissed out disco grooves, at 90’s Rn’B tempo. Loooooooovely. London based producer, will post more when I get my hands on it. 

Duff Disco - Over To The Left [Download Here] Please read description by duffdisco

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Though I’d be loathe to admit it, given my penchance for begrudgery, but Vice were well on the ball with this west London young fella. 

Rough, dreamlike bedroom pop I guess. 

Can we call it a wave? Youngsters like Only Real, King Krule, Reggie Snow, Ill Murray and Disclosure who have grown up with the technology and access to unlimited music that the rest of us are only getting to grips with. All worth a listen, and they all piss all over Ed Sheeran. 

  Cadillac Girl by OnlyReal

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During a chance chat about house prices and disco music while having a smoke outside work with a guy from the office block next door I mentioned I liked Escort. At that point the fellow mentioned his band are on the same label. I had a listen to them and hey presto, they’re fucking ace! Originally from Scotland, based in London and fans of The Beta Band and they’re on Tirk Records.  

Steve by Molly Wagger Able Mable by Molly Wagger

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And then there’s this …as summer approaches, the sunshine electronics are coming thick and fast. Again hopping on the big boys bandwagons, Pitchfork posted this as best new music last week. Fort Romeau is La Roux’s keyboard player Mike Norris. His debut, Kingdoms is out now. 

Fort Romeau - Theo by 7Johnk7

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…oldish news I know but I’m only getting to grips with WSGM now, readying myself for Field Day 2012 in Victoria Park London. It’s on my birthday weekend, and the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend …which makes this bounce along pop the perfect sound for such a weekend. They’re playing, along with the likes of Blawan, Tortoise, R. Stevie Moore, Beirut, Maya Jane Coles, Gold Panda, Django Django and heaps more. 

Kelly by When Saints Go Machine

…and for some bonus fun check out their cover of Bittersweet Symphony

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