Many many PR emails boldly state what producer working with the band being plugged. Usually it’s someone who once worked on a latter day album of some fairly average band…but sometimes the producer will peak your interest. 

In this case it’s Steve Albini, Shallac and Big Black member, producer for Jesus Lizard, Nirvana, Pixies and PJ Harvey …someone who obviously knows how to get the most out of a loud band. 

Enter Ferocious Fucking Teeth. Killer name for a start, and, incidentally a killer fucking sound. 

The stoner/slacker/lo-fi/gutteral noise is unrelenting, unnerving and utterly irresistable. 

Here’s is their new track, from their debut L.P, out Feb. 28th on Safety Meeting Records, which debuted today on Decibel Magazine.

Now listen to their debut E.P and await the onslaught. 

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