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I’m Not a Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) is a campaign spreading awareness for the LGBTI community through art and design, created by Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) in light of the recent violent acts against the sexually diverse community in Venezuela and the World. It initially seeks to expand in the online community. If you’d like to share your opinion please do so via twitter using the hashtag #ImNotaJoke. Like my page on Facebook and share the posters to support the cause! 

For every T-Shirt you buy, one dollar will be donated to the campaign

Shop: http://society6.com/Arzolad/tshirts

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Ill Skillz are from Cape Town. 

Bandcamp /// Twitter

Ill Skillz are from Cape Town. 

Bandcamp /// Twitter



Dear Younger Self,

INVEST FIFTY BUCKS IN THE STOCK MARKET EVERY MONTH!! You don’t need to eat out so much. Think of all that compound interest!

If they don’t have beards and aren’t clean-shaven either, they make good short-term but bad long-term boyfriends. Beware.

Stop worrying about making people happy or getting people’s approval.

Forget trends; go for the classics.

Don’t gossip; it makes you untrustworthy.

Condoms, condoms, condoms.

Kindness is everything.

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Beautiful. From Nowness, music by Flying Lotus


This and more great photos from yesterdays GAA county finals in Ireland via. Balls.ie


Images of abandoned nightclubs from all over the world

If you’d like to dance in a venue with people in it I’ll be spinning off the bar at the Manor Arms in Clapham London from 7, yeah! 


Lauren Laverne has just played Hit Em Up for the thousanth time this week. Still not sick of it. Banger indeed. Gots me some tickets to see him in Birthdays on the 22nd. Boo yeah.

Fun related fact: I can’t go into Lidl no more without wanting to shoplift.

Actual related fact: He’s done stuff with Boya Dee who on top of being a top rapper was the guy who live tweeted the Woolwich murders.


Cats waiting for fishermen to return to port.

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Dublin canal fun. Beautiful film. 

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I’ve loved Not Squares for years, they’ve always come up trumps with various styles of electronic goodness. This is fun. 

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